Lakeview’s cross country team begins season with new coaches

Molly Anderson, Staff writer

   Yet another season of Lakeview cross country has begun, but this year with new coaches. With former cross country and distance track coach Jessica Ries finishing up her last coaching season this spring, a new leader was needed to guide the Lakeview runners. Fortunately, Evan Tonn, ‘17 and Luke Roberts, ‘17, have stepped up to the plate.

    The coaches are off to a great start, developing a positive bond with the runners.

    “I like seeing them every day; I like hearing how everyone’s day was,” stated Tonn (Head coach).

    Tonn also elaborated on a few misunderstandings about the sport.

    “I want everyone to walk out feeling like a family afterwards.  A lot of people don’t think cross country is a team sport because you’re running by yourself, but you spend so much time together that it is a team sport and you rely on everyone.”

   Both coaches have, in fact, participated in track and cross country themselves at Lakeview. Because of this, they already knew each other prior to coaching. Assistant coach, Luke Roberts, gave his point of view on their collaboration. 

   “He’s good, we both have a year under our belts. I did track, he did cross country, we were on varsity together, so we work really well together anyways.”

   The coaches are not the only ones who have adjusted well so far. The runners have enjoyed the change too.  

    “So far they’ve been really good. I’ve known Luke and Evan for a while, since I ran with them my freshman year in high school. They’re really great coaches, they are always really positive and uplifting the team, always making sure that we’re healthy and ready to run,” stated Jenna Dell, ‘20.

   Since the season started, the team has seemed to be meeting the expectations of Tonn and Roberts.

   “Everyone’s been working hard, you’ve all been improving, all good things,” stated Roberts.

   With the great successes of this season so far, the team would love to have Tonn and Roberts as their coach for many years to come.

   “I would like to coach as long as possible. It’s gonna be a little tough coming up with grad school but, as long as I possibly can,” stated Tonn.