Lakeview High School marching band drum majors go to camp


Zachary Kahler, Staff writer

   On July 7- 12 the Lakeview marching band’s drum majors went to drum major camp at CMU. The camp was run by the music program headed by Dr. Batcheller. 

   Throughout the week, the drum majors Jade Love, ‘20, Gabrielle Kahler, ‘21, and Nathan Wojcinski, ‘21, learned a variety of skills such as mace spinning, conducting skills, leadership skills, and marching skills. 

   “We learned how to spin our maces. We learned techniques like prop spins, rifle tosses, roundhouse spins, and flourishes,” Kahler stated.

   While they were there, Love, Kahler, and Wojcinski met many people. 

   “One person I met that had an impact on me was Corey Jahlas. He’s really inspiring. He pushed me beyond my limits and made me believe in myself,” said Love.

   Jahlus was one of the instructors at the CMU drum major camp. He helped teach marching skills to the 200-some drum majors that attended. He had help from Dr. Batcheller and five other instructors that taught percussionists, color guard, and the drum majors.

  The students who attended the camp had a pretty strict routine throughout the week.

   “We began with morning block where we learned drill for our show that we perform at the end of the week and basics in marching. We would have drill blocks about twice a day,” said Kahler.

   The drum majors would also have breakfast, lunch, and dinner between each class and block. At around 3 p.m., they would have the option of having free time where they could go to places like the middle school, the CMU shop, or they could join the mace class, which is where they spin batons.

   “I enjoyed mace class a lot. It was something I had always wanted to try out. I was sad that I didn’t have the opportunity to do it last year with our previous drum major, Sydney Hicks,” Love stated. 

   All three of Lakeview’s drum majors were so excited to be able to have gone to the CMU camp, and Love was even a little down about the idea of it being her last year.

   “I am sad that that was my last year of drum major camp at CMU. I feel like I have learned a lot and that I have grown so much. If I could, I would go back. Everytime I go, I feel like a new person.”