The behind-the-scenes of being Lakeview’s Dog Pound Leader


Alyssa Sutterfield, Kayla Bellow, Riley Weaver, Staff writers

    The school year has finally begun, which means that football games have already started for the 2019 season. 

   At the end of every school year, the graduating Dog Pound leaders choose one junior boy and girl to become the new Dog Pound leaders for their senior year. Dog Pound leaders are the head of the student section at every football game. They are responsible for cheering at games, keeping students fun and energetic, but also keeping them in line and making sure no rules are broken.

   Last year, graduates Jack Suede and Julia Martin chose Seniors Noah Stanley and Angelina Schummer to be the new Dog Pound leaders for the 2019-2020 school year. 

   Senior, Noah Stanley began to explain how he even found out that he was going to be this year’s leader. 

   Stanley stated, “When I found out that I was going to be this year’s leader, I wasn’t even at school. When they announced my name, a bunch of my friends were sending me videos saying that I made it and stuff like that.” 

   Senior Angelina Schummer commented that when she found out that she was this year’s leader, she was glad that no one was going to be mad at her or someone else’s decision. 

   Schummer stated, “When I was a junior, Gj Biblekaj announced that she had chosen me to be the Dog Pound leader for the 2018 season, but everyone was getting mad that I was chosen instead of a senior. So in the end, I just gave up my position and gave it to Julia Martin because I didn’t want everyone to be mad at me.” 

   Stanley continued on about how he wasn’t completely surprised when he found out that he was one of this year’s leaders either.

   Stanley stated, “Both me and Ang would fill in for Jack and Julia whenever they couldn’t make it to any of the games.”

   When thinking about being Dog Pound leader, most would probably think that the job is all fun and games, but both Stanley and Schummer commented on the fact that this job is also a huge responsibility. 

   Shummer stated, “It can sometimes be stressful for the away games, especially when the game is all the way out in Port Huron, making sure that you have enough time to get ready, be on time, and make sure that you are keeping up with school.” 

   Stanley commented that both him and Schummer had to deal with issues at the last home game against Stevenson High School. 

   Stanley stated, “At the last game, both us and Stevenson had the same theme for their student section. So, kids from their school decided to come over to the Dog Pound and pretend that they were going to transfer to our school and stupid excuses like that. Next thing I know, I had Ang going to get Mr.Kapla and Ms.Huber while I went up there and told them that they had to leave.” 

   Schummer elaborated on the idea of being Dog Pound leader isn’t always fun and games, but it can actually be quite stressful. 

   Schummer stated, “An incident at the first home game kids were trying to crowd surf and I had to go up there and yell at them because other kids can get hurt.”

   Schummer continued on about when kids do things like crowd surfing or bring inflatable adult toys. It doesn’t just make our student body look bad, it makes the parents of the students and the Lakeview High School staff look bad as well. 

   Both Stanley and Schummer agreed that they have already been looking for next year’s leaders for the 2020 football season, but Stanley and Schummer have different ideas when it comes to choosing a new Dog Pound leader. 

   Stanley stated, “The student that I choose obviously has to be loud, fun and energetic, but they also have to understand how the game works. They have to realize that when something bad is happening in the game, you cannot cheer, because it makes us look really dumb. So when I choose one of the next leaders, I have to make sure that they know the game.”

   Schummer stated, “Obviously the person I pick has to be loud and fun, but they have to be responsible too. A lot of stupid things happen in the Dog Pound, so you have to be able to tell people to stop and have the respect of the student body.” 

   In the end, Stanley and Schummer both feel very honored to be the Dog Pound leaders of the 2019 football season and they are excited to see what the season has to offer.