Foreign exchange students attend Lakeview


Aili Mayfield, Morgan Kimm, Nicole Cantin, Staff writers

    This year, Lakeview is hosting several foreign exchange students from countries such as Estonia, France, and Norway. Two of these students are “host” brothers, meaning they live with the same host family, while staying in the United States. 

   These students were inspired to come to the US, because of a program called “Youth For Understanding (YFU).  

   “I am here because they advertise this program called YFU that takes foreign exchange students from all over the world. One of my friends went on an exchange to Brazil, came back the next year and we talked. It sounded so amazing, and now here I am,” said Hendrik Valjataga ‘22, who is from Estonia. 

   The other host brother wanted to experience more of an American education, which is why he came to the United States.

   “I am here because I love the United States, and I wanted to be here for an entire year. Also, I just wanted to take a break from my French education, and try it out here,” said Luca Tinebra, ‘22, from France. 

   Both students have had good experiences so far, and are excited for the rest of their time in the United States. 

   “So far, my experience has been a lot of things, but mostly, it’s been positive. I like it here. I arrived in August, so I have had time to look around. I also think that it’s very convenient here,” explained Valjataga. 

   Tinebra, has been to the United States before, but he continues to love it, and is thrilled for the upcoming year here. 

   “So far, I love the school, although on the first day, I was very lost. I am getting used to everything, because it is very different from what I know,” stated Tinebra. 

   Both of the boys love living with each other and have already created a great bond. 

   “The moment Luca came in, I felt like he was going to be my brother for life. We’ve known each other for only one and a half weeks, but we both feel like it’s been two months,” Valjataga said.

   This is a really awesome experience for these young men, and Lakeview is extremely lucky to be a part of it.