Simon Mozelewski competes in Skills contest


Kiki Kendrick, Staff Writer

   Senior Simon Mozelewski competed in a contest for Skillsusa, a nationwide contest held yearly for automotive students. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry, working together to ensure that Americans have a skilled workforce. Simon competed in the overall automotive competition that was held at Macomb Community College and placed first place in the region. He then moved on to the state competition that was placed in Grand Rapids, where he placed first place.

  Simon is attending the national event in Louisville , Kentucky at the end of June. There, the sights will be shown and competitors will be prepared to compete in the National Automotive Contests. There could be up to 50 students competing from all around the nation, and this is the first time a Lakeview student has ever achieved this accomplishment.

  At each level Simon placed, he won scholarships, tools, and equipment from different manufacturers. These will all aid him as he starts his automotive career. Simon and his mom, along with Jim Schneider, Lakeview’s auto teacher, were invited to go to Kentucky for the event.

  Simon competed in every contest that Lakeview provided for automotive technology and currently has an internship at Crest Ford.

  Crest Ford offers jobs and internships for Lakeview students in auto. They provided money for Simon and his parents to travel to Kentucky since they appreciate Simon and the work he does.

     “Simon is a very hard worker when he’s in the shop. I’m proud of him and his skills; he’s very passionate and loves working on cars,” explained Schneider.



   The competition starts on June 23, and a student from each state will be competing in every station. Here, there will be judged according to how well their skills are in the demonstration of mechanics. There is a potential opportunity to be invited to a world competition for whoever wins first place. You can also win scholarships for the courses within mechanical colleges.

 “It was interesting trying to pay it off, it was treated as an athletic event where I had to fundraise my own money. My ended up sponsoring me, but traveling will be cool. I get to go to Kentucky for a week and just have fun,” expressed Simon Mozelewski, ‘19.