S.C.S Family Video rents it’s last DVD

S.C.S Family Video rents it’s last DVD

Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

  The Saint Clair Shores Family Video has closed down for good. Replacing the Family Video will be a new Dollar General. Although the Family Video had a fantastic run, it closed down about two weeks ago.

  Family Video is the biggest game-renting chain in the United States. In 1946, Clarence Hoogland started Midstates Appliance & Supply Company. In 1953, Clarence’s son, Charlie Hoogland, took over the company. In the 1970s, Midstates got “stuck” with a large quantity of videos. Charlie’s team came up with the idea to rent the videos, and in 1978 Family Video was founded.

  Family Video has over 700 stores in 19 States, and in Canada. They have about 7,000 employees in their 700 stores.

Both of the local stores, in Saint Clair Shores and Roseville, are being replaced with Dollar Generals. The same person bought both of the Family Videos, and is turning them into Dollar Generals.

  People didn’t visit these Family Videos very often, which is the main reason they were shut down.

  Lauren Mispelon, ‘21 said, “ I used to go to Family Video often but stopped going this past year because I started renting movies on my tv. So, I’m really not affected by the closing of Family Video.”

  Family Video was selling their games and DVDs for very cheap before they closed. Many people did not buy them or didn’t know they were selling them.

  Ethan Ortwein, ‘21 said, “ I knew they were selling their discs before they closed, but I did not take advantage of the opportunity, and I ended up not getting anything.”

  The Family Video’s may have been popular in earlier years but  recently died down in popularity. How these new stores will do? Only time will tell.