Girls golf team moves up a division


Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

  For the upcoming fall girls golf season, the girls on the golf team will be experiencing an extra challenge. The team has been moved up from the blue division to the white division within the Macomb Athletic Conference (MAC). This means that they will be up against teams that are more advanced than they are used to.

  In their last division, they competed against teams like Clawson High School and L’anse Creuse North High School. Now the team will have to go against schools like Grosse Pointe South and Marysville.

  Not only will the team be up against different girls, but they will also be golfing  courses that are foreign to them. The home courses for the other teams are new to the girls, so it will also be important to take trips to these new courses and get a feel for what it is like. One of the new courses they will be playing at is Cherry Creek.

  Girls golf coach Karen Mazzola expressed, ”We are going to have to get the team together to practice more so we are prepared going into these matches. I hope that we will also have some new members for the upcoming season.”

  Since the team is moving up a division, they will be leaving behind friends they have made over the years of playing with the other girls.

  Hailey Cingel, ‘20 mentioned, “I have made friends with the girls on the other teams, so I will miss playing with them. It is always nice to have someone you know there so you can be more comfortable. With this new group of girls, it will be exciting to have the opportunity to meet new people.”

  The team will have to practice extra hard and work to make sure they will be ready to face these new teams. Before the competition was not as difficult to face. The team ended up winning divisionals last year.

  Megan Paczas, ‘20, has been the number one golfer for the team since sophomore year and was co-captain last year. She expressed, “I am excited and scared for the new challenges that are going to face us next year. I believe that, to better prepare ourselves, we should definitely schedule some summer practices and get the team together more.”

  The girls golf season is going to start having practices towards the end of summer. Coach Mazzola usually likes to begin having scheduled practices in August.