United States imposes oil sanctions on Iran


Ben Dembinski, Staff Writer

   On May 5, the Middle Eastern country of Iran announced it’s backing out of the highly controversial nuclear weapons deal with the US. This is important mainly because the deal set the framework for Iran and other world powers, most prominently the US, China, and Russia, to help cool tensions. Many Americans felt the deal was a good one because it eased tensions between the US and Russia. Other Americans felt it was a terrible deal because we were appeasing, or allowing, Iran to continue operating the way that it does hoping to prevent war.

  Many Americans see the Iran deal as a risk to national security, mainly because the deal gives Iran power, which they will use to expand their regime. The regime, in power since August of 2013, has announced its hatred of Israel and the Jewish community. Tensions rose in 2012 when the Iran nuclear deal was put in place to hopefully stop Iran from attacking its neighbors.

  In response, many Iranian citizens have reportedly attacked Americans living in Iran. After these reported attacks, and others like the drone attack on an Iraqi pipeline, President Trump ordered the evacuation of all non-essential personnel from the Iraqi embassy, which rests on the western border of Iran. This was done out fear of an attack on the embassy.

  The president posted a response on Twitter, which said, “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the end of Iran. DO NOT MESS WITH THE U.S. AGAIN.”

  Many of the president’s supporters felt this was a great plan, we get to prevent aggression in the Middle East, others. Mainly democrats, hated the withdrawl from the deal saying it would cause the US to go to war with Iran.

  After pulling out of the deal the president put economic restrictions on Iranian oil. The president prohibited the buying of oil from Iran on the basis that they were an enemy and should be treated as such.

  The Iranian economy has taken a huge blow due to the sanctions with oil sales. The main part of Iran’s Gross Domestic Product, or how much money worth of goods Iran produces, fell by over 55%. These sanctions will eventually have some part to play in the US’s involvement in the Middle East.

  Lakeview students had their own opinions on the subject.

 Sophomore Matthew Ciavone said, “It’s great, mainly because we need to protect our main ally, Israel.” Ciavone continued, “I mean, I can see where people are coming from with the scare of nuclear war, but we shouldn’t have gone into that deal. The whole thing was bad for America mainly because of the fact we were paying them to essentially be nice to us.”

  That was another aspect of the deal republicans hated. The basics of it was that if Iran could start to slow its nuclear program we would give the Iran 1.3 billion in currently frozen, or inaccessible, accounts.

  Ciavone said, “It’s basically paying them to be nice to us.”

  Overall, this is a polarizing issue due to the thought of a nuclear war occurring. But many others see it as a necessary move, because the Iranian government’s threats against Israel and alleged attacks on americans living in Iran. This is a decision which will have consequences which may not arise until months from now, but until then, Americans can only hope the president made the right decision.