Lakeview’s Fashion Design class wraps up its first year

Lakeview’s Fashion Design class wraps up its first year

Erica Beckstrom, Staff Writer

   For the first time, Lakeview offered a fashion design class taught by Kathryn Sezniak. Sezniak took this course in high school and really enjoyed it, so she decided to bring it to Lakeview.    

  Since most of the materials are donated, the class was free to run, which helped get it approved quickly. One of the main reasons why Sezniak wanted to run this class was because most students could not sew a button. However, because the class focuses mainly on hand sewing since it is the backbone of fashion, students are now able to sew buttons and fix ripped seams. Even though this class is very fun and useful, there are some issues with time when it comes to large-scale projects.

  During class, Sezniak usually has about three projects running at one time to allow students to be creative and work on what they want. Some of the projects the students did this year included sewing stuffed animals, making pencil cases, and altering their own clothes to fit them better. In addition, some students chose to work on independent projects.

  “I have had a few students take the skills from the class and make their own clothes. It has been really exciting to see them put the skills I have taught them to good use,” said Sezniak.

   One student in particular, junior Liliana Webb, made her own prom dress using what she had learned in class.

  “Since we are given a lot of flexibility in terms of what we decide to work on, it allowed me to be creative while I gained new skills. I wanted to learn how to alter garments and dress, and I ended up making my own,” replied Webb.

  This class has been a favorite of the students who have taken it because of the way it is run and the creative atmosphere it makes. Even though the class it student-led and engaging, there is a problem with the amount of resources. The class is free and the students do not have to pay because materials are donated. However, because of this there is also a shortage of available machines, fabric, and other materials needed for projects. Luckily, it is only the first year this class has been taught so there is enough time to work out the kinks for the future.

  Fashion Design lets students explore their creativity and decide which projects they want to work on first, which is why it is a student favorite. Since they are allowed some freedom, students are able to enjoy what they are working on and create something meaningful to them.

  “I think this class should remain at Lakeview. It teaches students many valuable skills, and it introduced me to something I am passionate about. The freedom to work on what we want, we are able to work on the skills we are taught instead of just trying to check boxes,” expressed Webb.

  It is clear that this class has been a favorite of students and that it should run in the future. Students need a calm, creative space to work and knowing how to sew simple buttons and hem clothing is a basic skill that everyone should have.