To the new leaders of the pack

To the new leaders of the pack

Erica Beckstrom, Staff Writer

   As you walk the halls of Lakeview for the last time, you need to be aware of a few things. First, as seniors you are the top-dogs of the school, even if some people think class year doesn’t matter. Freshman look up to you whether they know it or not because you have already gone through what they are experiencing. You know all the ins and outs, you have bonds with teachers, and you know how things run around Lakeview. You need to be leaders. Yes, senior year is exciting and fun, but with that comes the knowledge that you are all young adults. You are no longer middle schoolers who flick spit balls at each other and refuse to shower. You have taken college courses, AP classes, gotten your driver’s license, and experienced a small taste of independence. Even though they might walk slow in the hallways or run incredibly fast for no reason, they are the babies of the school and it is your job to guide them and to show them what they are going to become and to inspire them to do even better than you.

   So, junior year is coming to an end. Breathe, you’re almost there. You have completed your last NWEA test, you have taken the SAT, and you are on your way to applying to colleges. You got this. It is true that junior year is very stressful because of everything that is demanded, however, do not think that it ends there. Some might say that senior year is a breeze and while it does go by fast, you still have a lot to do. Apply to colleges early or you will regret waiting, keep your grades up because, yes, they do still matter. Your last year at Lakeview will blow by so quickly that you will find yourself in May saying your last goodbyes to favorite teachers and staff. In fall, you will begin to discuss how it’s your last homecoming and your last first football game of the season. Get ready for a year of ‘lasts’. While that sounds depressing and negative- it’s not. Your year of lasts will be the best of your high school experience because you will cherish every single moment you have with friends, every single laugh or cry will mean something to you. It is a bittersweet time, but I promise you it will be great.

   Everyone always says that life begins after high school and while this is true, the memories and bonds you make in high school are some of the best you will ever have because you have literally grown up with some of the people around you and with others, you have conquered perhaps the most intense four years of schooling you will ever have. Not because of classes or grades but because of the bustling city that Lakeview is. You forge air tight bonds with some people and break away from others- you begin to discover the kind of person you want to be and the types of people you want to surround yourself with. The lessons you learn in high school will stick with you for a very long time. So, just remember to make it count.

   As a senior, go about your day with confidence and pride in knowing that you are the leaders of the pack, now. We have passed the torch to you. It is time for you to lead the chants at football games, for you to demand Husky pride from your fellow classmates, and for you to set the standards for the future leaders of Lakeview High. With that being said, go about your last year showing kindness to others and treating people with respect. Show people how to act and not a type of person to avoid becoming. You will do great and move on to bigger and better things as the new wave of seniors moves in after you. Enjoy your senior year even on the espresso filled nights that have you up late finishing scholarships and studying for finals. You got this, and you will be successful. I know this because I was you once, and, now, here I am passing on to you what was passed onto me. Good luck, and make it count.