Come visit Modern Cone

Come visit Modern Cone

Sarah Muehlbrandt, Staff Writer

  Modern Cone is an ice cream parlor that is located at Martin and Harper. Modern Cone is no ordinary ice cream place. They have many unique ice creams and can basically create anything at all. Modern Cone has stackers, ice cream nachos, slushie, milkshakes, malta, blizzards, hard scoop and soft serve ice cream.

  Modern Cone just came to town back in October. Before Modern Cone, Ashby’s used to be there. Modern Cone displays the store all over social media. You can follow Modern Cone on Instagram @moderncone. Also, Facebook is Modern Cone. The owner keeps Instagram and Facebook updated daily with different creations that are made.

  The ice cream stackers consist of two toppings, a sauce, and a flavor of ice cream. There are twelve different stackers that can be made or can easily be created.

  Next comes the ice cream nachos, the sizes are personal and large. The personal is one flavor of ice cream, one topping, and one sauce of the customers choice. The large nacho is two flavors of ice cream, three toppings, and two sauces. To go along with the ice cream nachos waffle cone chipsets added to scoop your ice cream.

  Modern Cone also has ice cream sandwiches, cookie and brownie ala modes. For the ice cream sandwiches, the customer can pick any ice cream and either a chocolate chip or sugar cookie. We can roll the cookie in any topping preferred. Our cookie and brownie ala mode are basically the same thing. We warm up the cookie/brownie and top it with the preference of ice cream along with hot fudge.

  Other items on the menu are shakes, customers can pick any ice cream to make any shake they want. Modern Cone also sells malts, italian ice slushie, and blends.

  Modern Cone is a unique ice cream shop and would like everyone to check out Modern Cone.