Red Sox players decline to Go to the White House

Red Sox players decline to Go to the White House

Kyle Hedge, Staff Writer

With the Red Sox winning the world series last year, the President decided to celebrate by inviting some of the players to the White House for a ceremony. When receiving the invitation, only two out of eleven decided to come to the ceremony, Chris Sale and J.D. Martinez. The other players that declined were Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Rafael Devers, Hector Velazquez, Xander Bogaerts, Sandy Leon, Christian Vazquez, Eduardo Nunez, and David Price.

Ever since news broke out that President Trump donated less money than he said he did to help Puerto Rico after its big hurricane incident, mostly everyone has been upset with the president. Since most of the Red Sox players were Puerto Rican, they decided not to come to the ceremony. Also Red Sox manager Alex Cora denied going to the White House because of the president’s lack of effort to help his native Puerto Ricans. The people in Puerto Rico are still struggling now with lack of shelter, food and water. Also, most people, if not all, in Puerto Rico still don’t have electricity.

Not only were the Red Sox players upset with the president because of his lack of help for Puerto Rico, but also they were upset about his racial remarks about mexicans. “I made the choice not to go because, as we know, the president has said a lot of stuff about Mexico” Said Hector Velazquez, stating that the president always had a dislike for the people of Mexico. In other words, the president always talks about Mexicans being illegal  immigrants and how that he is building a wall around Mexico.

Also, to make things worse, the White House incorrectly mislabelled Red Socks in the “World Cup Series” invitation, but Mr. Trump rushed in to correct the script in honor of the team’s title. Even though the mislabelling of the “Red Socks” in the “World Cup Series” was fixed, it was still in the reach of social media, yet it wasn’t that much of a problem for the White House.

When the ceremony started, President Trump was welcomed on the stage by Red Sox players Chris Sale and J.D. Martinez. Towards the end of the ceremony, Red Sox designated hitter J.D. Martinez presented Mr. Trump with a Red Sox jersey that had his name on the back and the number eighteen below it. After people realised that only the white players came to the ceremony, everyone took this as a racial division. But when the players were asked, they repeatedly denied that there was any racial division caused by this.