Juniors reflect on exam exemption


Kiki Kendrick, Staff Writer

  Since exam exempt seniors’ last day is on May 24, the Class of 2020 is beginning to wonder if they’re exam exempt or are staying in school to take exams on May 30-31.

  Exam exemption are for seniors who don’t have to take second semester exams, only if they’re passing the class.    The way to become exempt is through MME scores in 11th grade.

  The Michigan Merit Exam, MME, consist of the SAT plus writing, ACT work keys, and M-Step test for Science and Social Studies.

  SAT, ACT, and M-Step tests were April 9-12 and students just received SAT scores May 2. ACT and M-Step scores haven’t been announced yet.

  “The original qualifying criteria is to get advanced/proficient in all areas in the MME such as evidence-based reading and writing, math, and social studies,” explained counselor Jackie Sorgeloos.

  There are cut scores set by the state, so if students hit that the first time around when take MME in the spring, they become exam exempt.

   If a student doesn’t hit all areas of the cut score, they can become exam exempt if they retake their SAT or ACT and get a composite score of 1060 for SAT or 21 for ACT.

  When students are failing a class, they can not become exempt for that final exam. They will have to stay and take that final for the class and failing to meet those requirements could cost graduation.

  It is best to be prepared for all of these tests to make sure that you have advantages during senior year.