Jackson Dell runs 100 miles for Marine Corps charity


Aili Mayfield, Staff Writer

  For the first time, on June 2nd,  Lakeview senior Jackson Dell is going to be running 100 miles to raise awareness and money for the Marine Corps.

   Dell is planning on joining the Marines after high school and wanted to start a charity in order to honor those who have served.

  “I have always had a great respect for our brave men and women, and it’s been something that was instilled to me by my parents. My grandparents served in the Marine Corps and the Army as well. I wanted to serve my country in the highest honor I knew, so I decided to set my course for the Marine Corps,” Dell said.

  Dell has been running for a while and wanted to do something that involved this.

  “I have a passion for running for running and wanted to do something with my passion to help other people. I decided to support the Wounded Warrior Project, because I am going into the Marines and want to help those who fought before me,” Dell explained.

  All the money raised will go directly to the Wounded Warrior Project.

  Dell has been wanting to do this for a while, and he is super excited to see all of this play out.

  “I decided that I wanted to turn it into a charity event, a few weeks into the second semester. I was inspired by David Goggins, a former navy seal, after he ran 100 miles to get himself back into shape. I wanted to push my limits, like he pushed his,” explained Dell.

  The ultimate goal is to support and help those who has served in the Marine Corps; however, Dell also hopes to inspire others.

  “I wanted to push my limits, but I needed to hit a milestone that sounded just as crazy to me as to other people. This would raise awareness for the charity, and increase the initial momentum.  Not only that, but I believe that if I can push myself and achieve 100 miles in under 24 hours, other challenges in life will be easier as well,” Dell stated.

  As far as the amount of money expected to raise, Dell has no specific idea in mind.

  “I have no real goal other than what was set on the gofundme page ($1000), but no matter how much money I raise, it will still be worth it because of the amount of awareness the event and Wounded Warrior Project is receiving,” said Dell.

  Dell plans on running for about 14 hours on June 2nd (with breaks in between) and is determined to reach this goal.

  “I will be starting at Lakeview and running down to Park Lane and back, maximum of 5 times. Once it gets dark though, I will be completing the rest of it on the Lakeview track,” Dell explained.  

  Dell welcomes any and everyone to help in this event. Donations are welcomed, but of course not expected.

   “Even a crisp high-five while I’m running, will be appreciated,” said Dell.