Is water really tasteless?

Is water really tasteless?

Sam Sudney, Staff Writer

  Bottled water is still a relatively new concept. It started gaining popularity in the early 90s and has since become one of the most purchased bottled drinks. With the rising popularity came more and more brands, notable ones being Aquafina and Dasani. With this increase in selection, it can only be assumed that water has some differing taste per brand. But is that really true?

  “I’ve heard quite a few people say that water doesn’t have taste to it…probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…it’s a very hard thing to describe, but it generally lies in the smoothness.” stated Evan Dubay, ‘19.

  Many people have seemed to develop some sort of tier list of bottled water brands because some budget bottled water brands just don’t cut it.

  “If I’m being honest, Dasani is up there on my ranking…although smoothness is key, you want to have a slight level of acidity in order for it to have a unique flavor.” continued Dubay.

  How exactly does water have a taste to it? Many factors can contribute to a completely altered flavor, but according to Cook’s Illustrated,  it’s all due to minerals and other compounds that the water picks up on its journey…bottled water from mountain springs, like that from wells, can be packed with minerals that alter its flavor. Calcium makes water taste milky and smooth, magnesium can be bitter, and sodium makes it taste salty.

  “People can be a little overboard with things sometimes…of course everyone is entitled to having a favorite, but water? Come on now that’s ridiculous…” explained Ryan Ross, ‘21

  Bottom line is water can have differing factors that may contribute to and altered taste or texture, but there will always be people that just speak plainly about water just being water. Now I’m not trying to look like I analyze water like a wine taster reviews wine, but truly there are superior water companies out there with my favorite being Aquafina. Reason being that it’s nice and smooth; if they had bottled alkaline water, it’d take the throne in my book. According to Market91, the top five best selling waters rank from Aquafina, Dasani, Nestle, SmartWater, and finally the caboose of the gang, Poland spring.