Barranca becomes summer school principal


Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

  English teacher Matthew Barranca has been announced as the new summer school principal. The job used to be held by current assistant principal Jennifer Zaborowski.  

  Lakeview put out a job posting for summer school principal and Barranca submitted an application and his resume. Then a panel reviewed it and there was an interview process in person with a panel of five people.

  Barranca is thrilled to have received the promotion, and is ready to assist Lakeview students over the summer who need extra help to succeed in the future.  

  “I am most excited to see kids who need to recover some credits because they didn’t pass a class… There’s always a handful of seniors who just didn’t get it done during the school year, and it’s an awesome opportunity to see them actually graduate in the summer,” stated Barranca.

  In addition to his initial excitement, Barranca is enthused to not have to make any major adjustments to the program this summer.  Zaborowski developed the current summer school program, and Barranca feels that there are no issues with the program, therefore no adjustments to make.

  “I actually feel like the program is perfect. There’s not really anything that I can do to improve on the program. Mrs. Zaborowski actually created the summer school program here, and since then has tweaked it a little every year,” stated Barranca.

  Barranca’s job will include tracking the progress of each student throughout everyday of the program. It will also involve keeping in contact with the parents of students to ensure that their progress continues.

  “My job includes identifying who needs to be in summer school, registering them, and making sure that they get the appropriate courses, overseeing the teachers and scheduling sub when needed throughout the summer, and a ton of paperwork. I will track every kid’s progress everyday, and communicate to parents if they fall behind,” stated Barranca.

  The summer school program is unsure on the total number of members, but Barranca expects there to be around eight dozen students.

  “We’ll be sending out information packets to kids that may possibly fail their classes, and I would anticipate a hundred students, but I have no rationale for that number,” stated Barranca.

  Barranca is full of excitement to take over the role of summer school principal this year, and is ready to assist students in any way possible.