Yearbook staff takes on a new distribution method for the yearbooks

Yearbook staff takes on a new distribution method for the yearbooks

James C Cordell

Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

  The yearbook staff has always had to stress about distributing yearbooks to all of the students in a timely fashion. This year, Lakeview has adapted a new distribution process.

  Senior Kyndal Wofford is one of the yearbook’s head editors. She is responsible for making sure the yearbook meets standards and she reviews the staff’s work before passing it to Sharp.

  Wofford expressed, “The process of handing out the yearbooks is always a difficult task. We become very stressed and have to do a lot of extra work.”

  Before, staff would separate all of the yearbooks into students’ classrooms for second hour. They would then go around to classrooms to distribute the books to the correct students. This seems like it would be okay; however, they still have had many difficulties with it in the past.

  Many times, the books that are personalized would end up in the wrong boxes, so they would go to the wrong classrooms. They would have to go find the box that the book was in and get it to the correct student.

  There were also problems with theft. When they would bring an unpersonalized book to a classroom, students who did not order a book would say that they did, and then there would end up being a book shortage.

  Sharada Sharp, art teacher and yearbook adviser, mentioned, “There were so many flaws with the old process. We had to disrupt second hour classes and it took a lot of work to get the yearbooks to the correct students.”

   They would take two days for hopefully all the yearbooks to be passed out. The 43 minute class period was not enough time and the process was too unorganized to get all of the books out efficiently.

  Jostens, the yearbook company that Lakeview uses, started the new distribution process and notified Sharp of it.

  With the new process, students will be receiving a receipt of their purchase on Thursday, May 9, during their second hour. Once the books arrive to Lakeview students who got a receipt will come after school, take their yearbook and sign a sheet saying they received it. With this process hopefully students will be able to get their yearbooks in a efficient amount of time.

  Shelby Cooper, the yearbook’s head editor, explained, “With this new process, we hope to have an easier, less stressful time when passing out the yearbooks.”

  The yearbook staff is hoping things will go off seamlessly with no issues this year.