Guciardo starts own business


Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

  Michael Guciardo, ’19 goes to Lakeview, but what makes him different from others is he has started his own business already: Guciardo’s Landscaping.

  Guciardo has already began a big step in life. His business has been open for about two months, and he already has about 30 customers. He plans to pay off his insurance for his car, trailer, and mowers, all within the next two years.

  Guciardo said, “Hopefully since it’s time to start having to do yard work more, more people will be calling me to do their yards for them.”

  Guciardo does everything when cutting grass. He mows the lawn, weed whips, trims, and edges.

  Guciardo didn’t just think of this overnight. He takes after his dad in the landscaping business. His father had a landscaping business when he was younger too; however, Guciardo believes he is off to a better start than his father was.

  Guciardo said, “I got my inspiration to start my company from my dad. He started a landscaping business and hired some of his friends to help when he was just 20. I think that I can do better than his business did. I already have a good amount of clientele.”

  With the money, Guciardo plans on doing business oriented payments. First by paying off his car and trailer insurance which he plans on paying off within the next few months. Followed by paying off all of his mowers which he hopes he can pay off within the next two years.

  Guciardo said, “To pay off my mowers should take about two years and for everything else I should pay off in two months.”

  Guciardo is working hard to ensure this business succeeds. He does everything landscape related.  When not in school he is working on doing what’s best for the business, he has people who are helping get the word out.