Recent bombings in Sri Lanka bring Christian persecution to light

Ben Dembinski, Staff Writer

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  On Apr. 21, at about 8:45 am on Easter, a terrorist attack was carried out in Sri Lanka. The attack was a suicide bombing targeting Christians on one of the group’s holiest days. The bombing was done by ISIS, a radical muslim terrorist groups. Contrary to other countries, Christians are a minority in Sri Lanka, only making up about seven percent of the countries population. The bombers targeted the churches and hotels where Christians were known to be at the time.

  The first four bombs were set off at the same time at two hotels and two churches. The churches chosen were St. Antony’s church and St. Sebastian’s churches. While the two initial hotels attacked were the Shangri La and Kingsbury hotels in Colombo. After the initial bombings, about 200 people died due to either the initial blast or subsequent wounds due to the blast. Many more were injured.

   The bombings have raised the question of Christian persecution around the world. This is a question of humanity. Many countries, mostly in the Middle East and with Sharia Law, have laws that prevent the Christian faith from being practiced in their respective countries. In Egypt, where Christians were forced to move out of the country after uprising Islamic extremists caused rebellions.The problem is largely ignored in the United States because of the democrat’s policy of victimhood and oppressors.    

  Christians are largely seen as a majority and therefore oppressors and only do bad. Therefore, the attacks like this bombing largely are not talked about.

  Americans take their right to freedom of religion for granted. The first amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of among other things speech and religion. This comes from America’s roots of pilgrims coming from England.

  Countries like Saudi Arabia, which persecute Christians with death, often go unpunished due to the fact that it is seen as their religion. This is commonplace in arab countries again, because of sharia law. Sharia law is the code of laws that is spelled out in the islamic/muslim faith, similar to the ten commandments of the Christian faith. Unlike the ten commandments, which promote peace and morals in people, Sharia Law promotes the killing of all non-muslims to get into their holy land.   

  Lakeview students had their own opinions. Sophomore Terrence Beamon stated, ”When I heard about the bombings and how it targeted people of the Christian faith, I was shocked.” Beamon continued, “It really shows that this can happen to anyone, no matter the faith, race, or status.” Beamon added, “We need to be more concerned with the persecution of Christians all over the world, not just this one attack.”

  Overall, this is was a tragedy. Many people died for practicing their faith and what they believe. This tragedy at least brings to light many problems  facing the Christian community all around the world. All countries should be like the US and permit any religion to be practiced, no matter how small or unorthodox.

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