More Chick Fil-A locations coming to Metro Detroit


Kyle Hedge, Staff Writer

Chick Fil-A is one of the top rated fast food restaurants, and they are most commonly known for their fried chicken sandwiches. It has recently been reported that Chick Fil-A is opening four new locations in metro Detroit: one in Shelby Township; one in Novi; one in Allen Park; and one in Roseville. In May 2018, it was recorded that there are thirteen total Chick Fil-A locations in Michigan, so it was a pretty long drive for most people, if they wanted Chick Fil-A in Michigan.

The Roseville community will start constructing Chick Fil-A as early as June, and possibly be open by year-end. It is proposed to be located outside Macomb Mall on Gratiot and Masonic. This location will have indoor seating for about 70 people and outdoor seating for about 15-20 people.

With Chick Fil-A releasing closer locations, it should bring more customers. If they succeed at this, it could have customers that eat more often at Chick Fil-A. “Probably” Stated Tristen St. Pierre, ‘21, saying that he will eat more at Chick Fil-A when it is open.

In Novi, A Chick Fil-A restaurant is proposed to be near Twelve Oaks Mall. The location is going to have 114 indoor seats and 16 outdoor seats. It is not mentioned when the city of Novi will start constructing, but is expected to open by year-end or early


  There is not much to heard about the Chick Fil-a location in Shelby Township, but it is expected to be open by early 2020. This location is supposed to be the first Chick FIl-A location in metro Detroit.

A Chick Fil-A is planned to be located at Fairlane Green, a shopping area inside Allen park. This Chick Fil-A will probably have a late summer opening, since the community development is working on infrastructure.

What is one thing you would want to try from Chick Fil-A when it opens up to the community?

With closer Chick Fil A locations, there will be most likely new customers. New customers will most likely want to try everything on the menu. “Anything crispy” Said James O’hara ‘21 stating that he has never had Chick Fil-A but wants to try their fried chicken sandwiches.

Hopefully with more locations coming closer, everyone will know what Chick Fil-A is and how good it is when one eats more chicken at Chick Fil-a. When these locations open, it will be sure to bring a lot of customers in to try some good chicken.