Lakeview students spill their saucy opinions on Buffalo Wild Wings


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

  During the 2018-2019 school year, Lakeview had its 2nd annual Charity Week with an event at Buffalo Wild Wings to support the charities of their choice.

  Buffalo Wild Wings has been in business since 1982 with their first location in Columbus, Ohio. Since 2017, there are 1,238 Buffalo Wild Wings locations.

  This particular location has a multiplitude of pictures of sports teams from Lakeview, Lakeshore, and South Lake High School’s sports teams. They also have displayed sports jerseys from East Detroit, Harper Woods, De La Salle, Liggete, and Grosse Pointe North High School.

  Buffalo Wild Wings has always been popular with both teenagers and young adults, but just recently, many people haven’t been too happy with the Buffalo Wild Wings at 9 Mile and Harper.

  On, the 9 Mile location has one and a half stars, but on they have a three and a half stars review.

  Teacher, Matthew Barranca stated that he gave a very long and “heartfelt” review on the 9 Mile location.

  Barranca stated, “My wife and I have given this location multiple chances to change our opinion. Every single time we went there, it never got better, only worse. Our food was always  cold when we received it, and we had to wait almost 10 minutes to get seated when it wasn’t even busy. One time, my wife and I were almost late to a concert because of how long it took to get our food.”

     Security, Brandon Clarke commented that he doesn’t hate the 9 Mile location, but he also doesn’t really love it either.

  Clarke stated, “I’m very neutral about B-Dubs. The thing I dislike about the place is that the prices are so high for quite low-quality food. The service was okay, but I’ve never had an outstanding memory for their service with that location.”

  Clarke added that he think Buffalo Wild Wings should always be filled with a lot of people talking, eating chicken wings, and watching sports games, but whenever he walks into that restaurant, it’s always empty and very boring.   

  Senior, Delorean Ishman stated that the service at B-Dubs at 9 mile has pretty good service, but there are some things that he thinks would make the restaurant more inviting.

  Ishman stated, “If they could clean the tables a little faster it would make everybody’s lives easier. Most people come into B-Dubs pretty much knowing what they want and are totally ready to eat, but when the tables are dirty everytime you walk inside, that gets really annoying after a while.”

  Ishman continued on about how most of the time the service at 9 mile is pretty good, but he has also had a not so good experience too.

  Ishman stated, “One time after football practice, me and my friends went to B-Dubs to get something because it’s usually quick and easy. When we got there, we had to wait about ten minutes to get seated, but the restaurant was practically empty. Our server came to us asking for our orders when we were still waiting and when we told her we had someone coming; she got all mad. By the time she came back it had been almost fifteen minutes and the first thing she said to us was ‘If he’s not here by now, I’m not coming back.’ That definitely wasn’t the best service of my life.”

  Teacher and Football Coach, Patrick Threet commented that he frequented B-Dubs all the time when he taught and coached at Fraser High School, but now that he teaches here, he doesn’t go as often as he used to.

  Threet stated, “ The B-Dubs on 9 mile has been a little disappointing. Long wait times for food when the place is practically empty is a little disappointing. If I had to rate their service on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give it a solid three.”

  Threet elaborated that he does understand that rush-hour eating is a real thing, but having to wait 20 minutes for food when the place is close to empty isn’t acceptable, in his opinion.

  Junior, Kyle Cichowski stated that he went to the B-Dubs at 9 mile a little after 10 o’clock, but they asked them to leave due to their age.

  Cichowski stated, “ The person who was waiting on us asked for our I.D right after we sat down. The only person who could stay was our friend who drove because the rest of us don’t have our driver’s license yet.”

  Cichowski continued on about how he has been to that same exact restaurant multiple times, later than 10 o’clock without an adult, and no one said anything to them about being “underage”.

  Sophomore, William Bell elaborated on his opinion about the prices and how he thinks they are way too expensive.

  Bell stated, “The fact that I have to pay 8.99 for a basket of seven wings is crazy to me. That amount of wings should be maybe five dollars, but eight dollars? That’s a little excessive in my opinion.”  

  Bell continued to explain how he has gone to B-Dubs multiple times, and he said that the food is always great, but he tells all his friends and family to never order the bone-in wings.

  Bell stated, “I’m pretty sure the bone-in wings that I ate from their gave me some type of bug, maybe even food poisoning. I love me some chicken wings, but I will never eat their bone wings to this day.”

  Many students, and even teachers too, think that he Buffalo Wild Wings on 9 mile is underwhelming, but do they think the same about the other locations in the Metro-Detroit area?

  Threet stated, “It think the best B-Dubs that I’ve ever been to is the one right by Fraser High School. We would have about two half days a month, so students and teachers would always go to the B-Dubs right by the school. Their service was always amazing, the food was always warm, and it always tasted great too.”

  Barranca stated that he wishes that B-Dubs would lower their prices or even bring back their 10 cent wing specials they had when he was growing up.  

Barranca elaborated, “I grew up on the 10 cent wing specials every Tuesday or Wednesday, but now that a basket of 7 wings costs 8.99, I don’t think I can spend that much on food that isn’t that good. Before all the prices of wings went up and all the specials went away, that was when Buffalo Wild Wings was the best.”

  Buffalo Wild Wings has always been popular with teenagers and young adults, but now that the Buffalo Wild Wings in St.Clair Shores isn’t so popular anymore, what is the new restaurant where everyone hangs out at?