Seniors win spot to cheer at national competition

Seniors win spot to cheer at national competition

Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  Seniors, Megan Wegley, Kristin Waters, and Skylar Pendleton, have competed for Mtn.Clemens Elite cheer for the past 10 years. This year, the girls team made it to nationals, located at the ESPN Sports Center in Orlando, Florida on July 20.

  Cheer companies all around the world will be competing for the number one spot at Nationals. At least 30 teams will be there that the event, this will last the whole week, with different performances throughout the day. All week attendance, however, is not required.

  “I will only be staying there for two days. My family and I then will travel back and stop at different states to do different things,” said Wegley.

  Not only do all of these girls cheer sideline during Football season, but they all cheer together throughout the year for this team.

  “I love my teammates. We have such a great bond with each other and been cheering together for the longest time. I know we will do something good at Nationals.

  The team has practices two days per week for two hours, ensuring they get the team building and preparation that they need.

  “It took a lot from all of us to get where we are today. We first had to place in many competitions that lead us up to Nationals. This included placing at Regionals, States, and just weekend competitions around the city,” shared Wegley.

  It wasn’t the easiest road to travel to get to nationals. The ten went to states, and ended up placing second in states which then gave points towards Nationals. Lots of hard work and dedication had to be put in inorder for this once in a lifetime event to happen.  

  “The hardest part about getting to nationals was all the rough practices that we had endured. In the end all the hard work paid off because look at where we are today,” expressed Pendleton.

  The team will be performing one routine. Stunts, tumbles, jumps, and a dance will all be included in the routine.

  Good luck Girls!