Lakeview Seniors prepare for college

Lakeview Seniors prepare for college

Erica Beckstrom, Staff Writer

  As the 2018-2019 school year comes to an end, seniors have to prepare themselves for the move to college and life outside of high school. For most, this is a very stressful time, but it is also a big step forward. The application process itself is long and strenuous, and the wait for acceptance is nerve-racking. However, once acceptance letters arrive, the transition becomes very exciting.

  When most students think of college, the first thing that comes to mind is a daunting, far away place that is expensive and demanding-not very positive. This is because there is so much tension built around the application itself. Students feel the pressure of having to have high test scores, a solid G.P.A., and needing to make important decisions about their future.

  Despite these factors, there are many resources to help students get through the process and encourage them along the way. One way that helps students ease into college is touring.

  During a tour, students are able to see what life is like as a student and how the college will prepare them for future careers.

  Senior, Anna Musilli, began touring during her junior year of high school and started her applications in September. In addition, she applied to seven colleges, which is about average. College applications need to be detailed and thorough in order to have the best chance at acceptance. Furthermore, it is important to maintain one’s stress during this time.

  “As I was applying to colleges, I did not manage my stress very well like I should have. However, I am going to Wayne, now, so I feel better,” said Musilli.

  She is planning on majoring in biology during her undergraduate education and then go to medical school to become a doctor.

  Besides having good grades and test scores, colleges also look for essays that stand out and don’t just hit bullet points.

  “My advice to juniors who are about to go through this process is to make sure their essays are solid and well-written. The point is to show a college why you are a good addition to their school and that you can offer more than just good numbers,” Musilli explained.

Senior, Maddie Badrak, began applying to colleges through the Common Application website in late August to get a head start. The Common Application is a way to apply to multiple colleges with one profile and a few essays tailored to each college’s requirements. Since most applications are due by November 1 for early decision, this is a very good strategy.

  “Although I was stressed during the application process, I found that putting together my Common Application a couple months prior to the deadline helped a ton. That way I was able to review it and make it stronger without being last minute,” Badrak replied.

  Like Musilli, Badrak plans on going to Wayne and majoring in biomedical engineering, specializing in the design of artificial organs and myoelectric prosthetics. This is an especially good career plan because there are not many women who have jobs in the STEM field.

  In addition to the cost of college, narrowing down which colleges a student wants to attend is tedious work and it is time consuming.

  “I highly suggest that juniors begin researching which schools they want to apply to over the summer. If they can narrow down their list by August and September, the application process will be so much easier,” Badrak said.

  Lakeview students are lucky to have such dedicated staff members who are willing and able to help them through college applications. Both Musilli and Badrak received help from their parents and teachers as they were applying, which helped lower their stress. Most students need letters of recommendation for their application, so it is good to have a couple helpful teachers in mind.