What’s next for the Pistons?

What's next for the Pistons?

Owen Greiner, Staff Writer

  The Detroit Pistons season has come to an end after losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Milwaukee Bucks. With a record of 41-41, they finished eighth in the Eastern conference.

  The Pistons got swept by the Bucks in the first round of this year’s playoffs, losing by an average of 23 points per game. The Pistons had the worst margin of defeat by any other team in the playoffs.

   The Pistons leading scorer this season was their power forward Blake Griffin. Griffin averaged 24.5 points, and he also lead the team in assists per game with 5.4. Andre Drummond was their leader in rebounds, steals, and blocks. Drummond had 15.4 rebound per game and had 1.7 steals and blocks per game.

  Even though the Pistons made the playoffs, they did not go deep into the playoffs. So the question is, what should the Pistons do to get deep into the playoffs and be a championship contender?

  “If I were the pistons general manager I would trade anyone and everyone to acquire Anthony Davis. Once we acquired Anthony Davis, I would then build the team around him. Acquire other players to help him, but still make him the go to guy,” said English teacher, Brian Brunett.

  “If I were the pistons general manager I would trade Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson, and Blake Griffin. I would trade and try acquire as many draft picks I could to rebuild this team from the ground up. Also trading all these players would open up a lot of salary room, and I would try bringing in a big name as in Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Kwahi Leonard, or Kemba Walker,” said junior Ethan Winiarski.

  This year, the Pistons have a first round pick. They didn’t have one last year from acquiring Blake Griffin. This first round pick could really help the team out, and having another one via trade would also put this team in a better spot than where they are at now.

  The Pistons coach, Dwane Casey, in his first year took the Pistons back to the playoffs in his first season with the team. With a record of 41-41, it is not the best but was better than the previous season. So now the problem isn’t the coach, but the players he’s coaching.

  It seems easy to just trade the players and sign new ones, but finding a team that could pick up our players contract will be hard to find. We can’t sign any new players right now because we don’t have enough salary cap room to sign any big name players that would help the team out.

  This summer the team will hopefully see some movement in players and improvements to the team.