Juniors start their own clothing brand called “Trait”

Juniors start their own clothing brand called “Trait”

Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

  Juniors, Stephen Moussiaux and Andrew Dell, have started a new clothing brand called “Trait”. The two boys, best friends since elementary school, have always liked the same style of clothing. They decided to start the brand because they were really interested in clothing and wanted to bring their own ideas to life.

  Dell mentioned, “We wanted to start the brand so that we could have something to call our own. We wanted to share our ideas with everyone and be proud to show it off.”

  They would describe their style as classic street wear. They have been influenced by other famous streetwear brands that are already out and many of today’s rappers.

  One rapper that is famous for their streetwear brand is Kanye West. Part of West’s style, POV, which is high-end designer pieces and easy, sportswear-inspired outfits, is also reflected in their brand.

  Mousinaux expressed, “We wanted our brand to be one of a kind and to have our own personal touch on it.”

  As of right now, they have grey crewnecks on sale for $35, and black hoodies on sale for $40. Both of these sweatshirts has the word “Trait” embroidered on the front in a three dimensional font. They also have a red and blue DNA symbol embroidered on the right sleeve. All of their products are customizable.

  “I think the brand is very cool and unique. I love the fact that everything is embroidered and customizable. The extra features like the DNA symbol on the sleeve make it really stand out and be one of a kind,” stated Megan Paczas, 20.

  If somebody wants to purchase a Trait product they should contact Dell or Moussiaux directly. In the future, they hope to start a website where people can easily purchase any of their products.

  The boys have big plans for the future. Although their brand may be small now, they have new projects coming soon. The next project to be released will include four new pieces to add to the collection.

  Once the new project is released, they plan to advertise the brand more and get the word out across multiple platforms.