Staples makes a big deal about their logo change

Staples makes a big deal about their logo change

Sam Sudney, Staff Writer

  On Apr. 3, big office supply chain Staples debuted their new logo at their 2019 Sale Conference. When you think of an office supply store, you don’t really think of it as something extravagant. Come on. They sell office supplies. But for this reveal, Staples went all out. They presented the change as though you were watching a movie in theaters with flashing colors and beautiful visuals, but why?

  Staples has been around since 1986, and has been hosting their annual sales conference ever since then. This sales conference is primarily for the reveal of new products coming to their stores, but this year things were different. Staples has kept things literal with a new logo that includes a staple icon that can also be used as a desk; the previous logo being staples with the L replaced with a bent staple. The office supplies retailer updated its brand this week with a new look, services and in-house offerings designed to appeal to its business customers. Marshall Warkentin explained that the change was a breath of fresh air into the brand, meant to symbolize “the innovative, forward-thinking problem-solvers” that are not only the consumers, but the business itself.

  With the rising competition from businesses like Costco and Amazon, who have been strengthening their business to business relations, it was important that the brand change directions.

  “Was the presentation overboard, yes, but it brought more attention to their change in branding…ultimately achieving their goal as a business.” stated Matthew Barranca, Lakeview Teacher.

 Under new owner private equity firm Sycamore Partners, Staples recently split into two companies—Staples Inc. for business to business, and Staples Retail. As part of this refresh, Staples has also introduced five new internal brands; this includes, Tru Red, for notebooks and pens, Nxt Technologies, for internal tech services, Coastwide Profession, which provides facility supplies, Union & Scale, a furniture collection, and a soon-to-be-released brand Perk, which will sell products for office break rooms. Staples also created a new guide on its products, called The Loop.

  To wrap this up, this is a fairly decent update and one that was needed. The logo was out of date and this will help infuse their brand, and likely their stores, with a relatively fresh coat of paint.