Mystery author Harlan Coben effectively thrills his readers


Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

     Author Harlan Coben has written a large collection of mystery novels over the years.  The main series Coben produced is the Myron Bolitar collection, which follows the adventures of a sports agent, who investigates mysteries regarding his clients.

  In this series, Coben’s character, Myron Bolitar, is a failed basketball player who turns to becoming an agent alongside his friend, Win. The partners both have previous FBI experience, and use these skills to aid clients in need.  The first novel, Deal Breaker, begins with Bolitar’s star client, a football player.

  The athlete consults with his agent because he believes his fiancé, who went missing a year prior, may still be alive. Bolitar happens to have a connection with the family, and investigates on their behalf.

  The novel manages to keep the reader on the edge the whole time, and is a page turner until the end.

  Another series by Coben features his original character, Myron, but the stories follow the investigations of his nephew, Mickey, an orphan, who he decides to take in. As Mickey struggles to fit in at school, he finds himself investigating the places and people that no one else would dare look into.

  Throughout the three novels, the reader learns more about Mickey and his struggles, and the development of his relationships with his peers. Mickey and his friends rush towards answers to the crimes that the police don’t want to look into.

  These three novels keep the reader on edge as Coben does in every other novel.  The development of Mickey and his friends are performed by keeping his sidekicks mysterious, and slowly going into Mickey’s past.

  Both of these series, along with several other stand alone novels, complete all of Coben’s works. The mystery writer has won several awards, including an Edgar award, Anthony award and a Shamus award. Coben is the first and only author to have received all three awards. Coben is also the first author in over a decade to write a mystery short story for the New Times op-ed page. This story, titled “The Key to My Father”, was published in the paper on June 15, 2003.

  Throughout his career, Coben has published numerous novels that have been justly recognized for their on the edge feeling given to readers. Coben wrote the majority of his books during the 1990’s, but several were written more recently, his newest release being Run Away, released March 19, 2019.