Lippett takes on the world in track


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  Senior Craig Lippett has been a part of the track team for his whole high school career. Lippett is having an amazing season with the greatest achievement being becoming anchor for his team and winning almost all of his races.

  Lippett has won 10 races so far in both solo races and relay team races.

  “Becoming the anchor for my team was probably one of the biggest highlights of this season. It it exciting for me because it means that my team has faith in me. When it comes down to the final runner, I am going to be in the hunt for that number one spot,” stated Lippett.

  The anchor for the relay race is given to the fastest person of the four people.

  “I’m happy Craig is the anchor because I saw all the hard work he put into the football season and the offseason to get ready for track. I’m glad Craig is the anchor because it gives a lot of security in the race knowing we are most likely going to win,” explained teammate Delorean Ishmon, ‘19.

  With Lippitt’s great times, he was invited to an international track meet this summer in Australia. This track meet is against some of the best runners around the world.

  “In July, I will be competing against some of the best people in my age group. I am honored to have got such an amazing invitation to show my talents to the world,” exclaimed Lippett.

  Track is a great distraction from everything going on in one’s life. It is a way to release bad energy and focus on something that a person could love.

  “I run track because it keeps me in shape and keeps my head clear of stress. I do track because it keeps me busy, while doing something I love. It also keeps me from getting in trouble because I know I have a team that needs me and that I have to think about,” expressed Lippett.

  With Lippett being a senior, and running track and playing football for the last time in high school, the whole college idea of what will I want to continue after high school is up in the air. There has been a few colleges who have sent Lippett letter about running track in college.

  “ I really would love to run track at Oakland University when I graduate,” said Lippett.

  Coaches and teammates could not be more proud of craig on his amazing season so far, and can’t wait to see what is to come in the future.

  “Craig is a great leader, great worker, I love that he runs track. He is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever had and leaders I’ve ever had,” stated track coach Dan Cheney.

  Congrats Craig! Good Luck in whatever you do.