Paczas wins April’s student of the month

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Paczas wins April’s student of the month

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  The winner of Lakeview’s student of the month is Megan Paczas. Winning student of the month is a great accomplishment, and it takes a great deal of effort, hard work, and leadership. Winning student of the month means that students demonstrate good citizenship, academic success, and an overall desire to learn.

  Megan Paczas, ‘21, nominated by Mrs. Rakozy,  was not expecting to win student of the month at all.

  “I was very surprised. Honestly, I didn’t even know I was nominated until my friends told me that I won,” stated Paczas.

  Paczas knows that she works hard in school, but feels that there are other students who deserve the award more than she does.

  “Well, I definitely think there are people smarter and more hardworking that deserve the title. However, I do put in a lot of effort to try and achieve the best grades that I can,” explained Paczas.

  Paczas has many good habits that help her succeed.

  “I work really hard to balance all my school work, and I plan ahead for tests/quizzes by making flashcards,” Paczas said.

  Paczas feels good about learning and she thinks that there is a lesson to learn from this experience.

  “Winning student of the month makes me feel a lot more confident in my school work. It feels good to know that a teacher acknowledges the work I put into it. From this whole experience, I can learn that I should keep up with my school work and not let my grades slip. This is especially important now, because summer is approaching,” Paczas explained.

 History teacher Nicole Rakozy nominated Paczas for student of the month for several reasons.

  “Megan is one of those people that wants to learn because she sees value in the conversation. A lot of kids see history as just a task or a chore, but she actually is interested in what it all means, and what it means to her, and that’s huge,” Rakozy explained.  

  Rakozy sees the hard work and effort Paczas puts in and honors her for it.

  “Megan goes the extra mile to be prepared. For example, on test days, she does her study guide and she comes in and goes over the questions with me. She wants to do well, and it’s not because she wants to tell other people she did well, she just values doing a good job, and that’s important,” said Rakozy.    






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