Former Lakeview teacher now principal

Former Lakeview teacher now principal

Owen Greiner, Staff Writer

  Former five year Lakeview math teacher Nathan Maus is going to be the new the principal of the private high school De La Salle.

  The former teacher is thrilled about his new position as principal.

  “I am humbled and honored to take on a new role. My principal made a huge impact in my life and I hope to be able to make the same impact in teachers, students and parents alike,” stated De La Salle alumni Maus.

  This new position won’t make him forget his former co-workers and the students he taught.

  “I will always miss the great people I worked with and students I was privileged to teach,” said Maus.

  The former teacher did not know this was in the cards when he was hired at De La Salle as Head of Building Operations and Tuition Assistance .

  “I had no idea it was in the cards when I left; I start officially as principal July 1.,” said Maus.

  Maus is looking forward to being principal.

  “I am excited for the new opportunity and look forward to working with teachers and curriculum again; most of all I want to be available to students to hear them out and help guide them to becoming better men in life,” stated Maus.

  “I’m really happy for Mr. Maus. I’m also really scared for him, taking on that role is a huge responsibility, but I think he will be fine. He is a great worker and person so I think he will do great as principal,” said Lakeview math teacher Tracy Kalinowski.

  Students of Lakeview are happy for Maus but do miss him.

  “Mr. Maus was a really good guy who cared about students whether they were his or not. He wanted to help anyway he could. He was someone you could go to for anything and just talk and he always had good advice,” said junior Angelina Schummer.

  “ I miss Mr. Maus. Even though I never had him as a person I could always go to him if I needed someone to talk to or get advice from, not only talk to about life but extra help in school and I didnt even have him as a teacher. He is such a funny and caring person and I’m happy he got the position he did he deserves it,” said junior Anna Pizzo.

  Congratulations to Nathan Maus on his new position as principal at De La Salle. We know you will do goods thing there, but we will and do miss you.