Blue jeans are becoming irrelevant in high schools

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Blue jeans are becoming irrelevant in high schools

Sam Sudney, Staff Writer

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  It’s apparent that trends come and go without any warning, one prominent example of such would be joggers. This type of pant has resurfaced after a long hiatus; being very abundant during the 80s with it coming back decades later to our present time. But what happened to blue jeans? When compared to the past, they seem to be declining in popularity  . Are blue jeans just another trend to die off, or is just another trend that’ll resurface decades later?

  “Yeah, they’re dying… I wear them pretty much every day, but I’m just not seeing too many people wearing blue jeans anymore,” Justin Strait, Jr.,’19.

  Jeans weren’t always on the cusp of being irrelevant though; in fact, they were very popular at one point.

  “My old man once reflected that everyone wore jeans back in his day. Brands like Levi’s were extremely popular among most,” shared Ben Dembinski, ‘21

  It might just come with era, since as the years progressed from the past into the present, different types of pants ranging from athletic pants, to sweats, proved to take the popular vote and ultimately turn into what we see now, on High School students.

  “Blue jeans were the pants to wear…but I’d have to agree with you that I definitely don’t see them as much as I did during my time.” stated Nick Spano, Lakeview Teacher.

  It’s not all athletic and sweats though, seeing that fashion has become so diverse with new varying brands, it only makes sense that pant selection would follow the change.

  “Black pants are the wave.You can only do so much when it comes to blue jeans, you need to change it up here and there to really capture a good look,” stated Evan Dubay, ‘19

  Blue jeans as a whole aren’t on their way out- although they’re too much of a staple in clothing history. With new times, comes new looks. Who knows, maybe blue jeans will become extinct in the soon coming future. Truly, time will only tell.

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