Weatherup battles cancer


Kinasha Kendrick, Staff Writer

  Don Weatherup,  Lakeview class of 1979, discovered that he had stage 4 brain cancer in March 2019.

  He is currently suffering with extreme loss of speech and motor skills and memory loss. Doctors give him less than a month to live, yet he is at peace with his fate.

  Weatherup has four adult children and one granddaughter with his wife, Shelly, who helps him communicate with others while he’s in hospice care at home. The family is obviously upset about the news, but is relieved that he’s content with his life.

  During his 13 years of attending Lakeview as a student, Weatherup was a fun, loving guy. He and his twin brother, Jon Weatherup, who passed in 2012, would switch classes to fool their teachers, just to lighten the energy there. When attending Ardmore Elementary, his mother had Jon and Don wear orange on St. Patrick’s Day to reflect their Scottish heritage and to prank the Irish.

   David Oster, Government and Economics teacher, has been a friend of his since kindergarten and was the best man at his wedding.

  “As a lifelong friend of Don’s, it’s obviously very difficult to see this sudden and swift decline in his life and ultimate faith. However, there’s great reassurance in what comes in the future for him. He has a deep faith and is at peace with what will happen to him,” Oster expressed.

  Weatherup was a Protestant  minister and pastor for over 20 years, and believes that God will see him through this. Don became a minister so that he could impact people in a positive way, both emotionally and spiritually.

  Weatherup has had a wonderful life and came to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason. He accepts this fate because he believes that he was meant for something greater than this.

  “When I went to Lakeview, doing the right thing wasn’t left up to me. Teachers’ expectations were that all students should strive and meet a common standard of high morals. Lakeview offered great support and encouragement for my future, even if I didn’t know at the time,” Weatherup declared with the help of his wife, Shelly.