High schools experience trouble with electronic lunch deliveries


Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

  Recently, schools have been faced with the problem of frequent GrubHub deliveries ordered by students. As a result, West Bloomfield High School banned GrubHub, due to the fact that they had 15 orders being ordered to their school almost every day. This is beginning to be a problem at Lakeview as well.

   In Syma Chowdhry’s article in the wxyz.com website, she said, “School officials say having food delivered becomes a security issue.”

  The principal of West Bloomfield High School, Pat Watson also believes that there is no reason to order food to the school, since they have many options in the lunchroom already.

  Watson said, “If a kid says, ‘I don’t have a lunch today,’ we will make sure they get that lunch. They just want the food, I get it. I would like to have Panera or Starbucks delivered every day to me. It would be great, but that’s not the reality in the world we live in, within a high school.”

  At Lakeview, there have been announcements saying that nobody is allowed to order food to the school via GrubHub, Ubereats, or the actual restaurant. Lakeview had stopped it before it arrived at the extent such as West Bloomfield’s degree.

  Owen Engel, ‘19 has tried ordering GrubHub to the school before.

  He said, “I ordered it to the office and when I went to go get it, the staff informed me that I was not supposed to order this food to the school. They still let me get the food, but I’m not going to order to the school again. I was kind of disappointed, but then again I completely understand why they don’t want any weird people coming in and out of their school.”

  Ken Soderberg, ‘21 said, “When I tried to get my food delivered to the office, they had told me that I can no longer do it for security purposes. It makes sense but it’s annoying.”

  Although GrubHub is a good way to get fast food for people who are in a bind, it may not be the best idea to order to Lakeview.