Tiger Woods wins his first U.S. Masters since 2008

Tiger Woods wins his first U.S. Masters since 2008

Erica Beckstrom, Staff Writer

  Tiger Woods was born in 1975 in Cypress, California. He began golfing at a very young age with his father as his coach and mentor. By the time he was about eight years old, it was clear that he had a natural talent for golfing. Woods even got the opportunity to display his skills on famous shows like Good Morning, America. His career as a professional golfer took off when he won his first U.S. Masters in 1997 at just twenty one years old. He held a record score of 270, and he became both the youngest person to win the title and the first African-American to win it in history. For Woods and the golfing community, this was a huge accomplishment.

  Unfortunately for Woods, he began suffering from multiple back and knee injuries, starting in 2008. Eventually, his back surgeries would cause him to drop out of tournaments from 2009 through 2013, with some big career wins in between.

  Despite being an excellent golfer and a role model for young golders, Woods was not the best family man. He and his then wife, Elin Nordegren, got divorced in 2010 after an abundance of infidelity rumors. As it turns out, all the rumors were true and he was exposed as a serial cheater.    

  In addition, because of his injuries and surgeries, Woods became dependant on prescription painkillers. Police found him asleep in his running car in 2017 after almost overdosing on pain meds. Once again, Woods faced another jab to his career which had been shaky since 2009.

  Luckily for him, Woods began to regain his title in 2012 after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational. A year later he won five tournaments, but he also went through another back surgery as he would again in 2017. Regardless of his injuries, he resurfaced in 2018 in the world’s top 50.

  In 2019, Woods won his first major championship in almost 11 years at the U.S. Masters. It was his fifth Masters win and his fifteenth major title. The win was a big deal for Woods because it stabilized his career and put him back on top.

  English teacher, Kurt Miley, grew up watching Woods play and is a big fan of golf. Miley is able to look past Woods’ flaws and appreciate the talent that is there.

  “He deserved to win because he played incredibly well during the tournament. I understand why people do not like him- he is a very flawed person- but he made a great comeback. It’s a great redemption story.”

Woods may never fully recover from the events of his past, but he is well on his way to rebuilding his career and is already seeing success.

  Miley also stated that he finds Woods to be more relatable now because his evident faults make him appear more human. Perhaps, with his scandals out in the open, Woods will work on fixing his damaged persona. Maybe it will be enough to redeem not only his career but his actions as well.

  “Most people are willing to give people a second chance, especially celebrities. He has an incredible story. He was a child prodigy who changed the sport of gold, and then he fell to rock bottom. However, he was able to rise to the top once again and that is amazing,” said Miley.

  It is no wonder why people cannot help but be a fan of Woods. He has a knack for golf and the has changed the game forever. Whether or not this ends up being Woods’ last big win, he has proven that he is here to stay even if he gets knocked down in the process.

 He is currently in second place for the most wins in the Professional Golfers’ Association with 81 wins just behind Sam Snead who has 82.