Lakeview students work at Cold Cow

Lakeview students work at Cold Cow

Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

  Spring is here, and Lakeview students are continuing the tradition of working at Cold Cow for the season. For years, several Lakeview students have worked at Cold Cow, located at 11 Mile Rd. and Harper Ave., and have bonded through the work experience together.

  Lauren Sliwinski, ’20, in her two years of working there, feels that the Lakeview girls have made the establishment feel like a family.  
  “I feel close with everyone there, and I’m very proud to say that I have become friends with all of the girls there,” stated Sliwinski.

  Another Cold Cow employee, Jensen Massimino, ‘20, after earning her first job, has also gained a family-like experience while working at the ice cream shop and hopes to hold the position until she graduates.  

  “Working at Cold Cow has been a really fun experience.  I get to work with really great people, and any of my other friends can come to visit me anytime,” stated Massimino, ‘20.

  Cold Cow employees are grateful for the working experience that they have gained. Sliwinski believes that the work she does at the creamery will help her with future careers later in life.

  “All the work that I do day-to-day has helped me develop skills like talking to customers, and being patient, as well as making correct change. I definitely think that having these skills will help me in the future, because it opens the range of places that I can work in,” stated Sliwinski.

  Overall, the girls who work at Cold Cow greatly enjoy the time that they have spent there. The shop has readied them for work later in life, and has allowed the girls to create bonds that can last a lifetime.

  “I am so glad that I got the job at Cold Cow. I get to work with my brother, and I’ve made so many friends that I plan on staying close with even after high school,” stated Sliwinski.