The day after super tuesday that everyone questions


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

   Students across Michigan have been preparing for this day since they were freshmen in high school, sometimes even Middle School. Super Tuesday is the day where all juniors take the S.A.T, followed by the A.C.T workkeys, and M-step.

  On Apr. 9, juniors, sophomores, and freshmens took the standardized tests. They then were released early after their testing was done. On April 10, school was back in session. The juniors continued to test but the rest of grades went to their classes.

  One of the hassles that come along with having classes remain while the juniors still test is that the second floor is off limits, causing upstair classes to be relocated all around the school.

  “As a senior, I feel we shouldn’t have had to come to school on the 10th because most of my classes were combined with others, and our teacher wasn’t there, so we had a sub,” expressed Megan Wegley, ‘19.

  As a result of the classes being combined, it’s hard to have an normal productive day. The atmosphere is too wild for teachers to teach their lessons they had planned, which often results in teachers allowing their students to have a “work day”.

  “In my English class, we were all in the auditorium with three other classes. All of the classes were mixed in with each other; it was hard to even hear our teacher,” Meredith Chesney, ‘19.

  Students were all over the building. Eighth graders that come over in the morning from the middle school had nowhere to go. The library was filled with all the eighth graders, causing the space to be extremely hectic. Nobody got anything done, similar to a free day.  

  Librarian Martha Savalle expresses “It was very crazy in the library, at one point I had 120 students in here and I had to keep them busy. I feel students should have a late start so it’s not so much craziness happening.”

  Every classroom on the second floor was not open for any students, until 7-8 hour came around. This also means the lockers were not available neither.

  “Because so many classrooms were closed, they should have made it a late start for the other grades and let the juniors go home after they tested on Wednesday. I feel like the school day would be much more productive,” stated Jack Robertson, ‘19.

  As testing goes on and the classrooms are coming back together. Students now get ready for NWEA.