Robert Mueller releases summary of his long-awaited investigation into the president


Ben Dembinski, Staff Writer

  On Mar. 24, investigator Robert Mueller released a summary of his report on his investigation into president Donald Trump’s involvement in Russia and the election.

   Ever since President Trump won the election, most of the democrats in the house and senate believed the president messed with the election by paying off some Russian officials. So soon after the election the democrat controlled government voted to have an investigation done on the president’s financial transactions. The investigation started to look like it was going to hurt the president’s reputation in mid-2018 when Mue ller said, “The ‘troll factory’, backed by the Russian government, is responsible for president Trump winning the election.”

  The troll factory, as Mueller stated, was used to wreak havoc on social media, such as Facebook and twitter, and caused people on those platforms to support then presidential candidate Donald Trump rather than his opponent, HIllary Clinton. The idea that the president-elect could have been associating with Russia and could have rigged the election was confusing to most of his supporters. Many of President Trump’s opposers were then in an uproar and called for his removal on the basis of treason, which carries a hefty 20 years to life in prison.

  Treason is a crime in which the accused betrayed one’s country. This is a huge stretch because even if President Trump was found guilty of colluding with Russia he wouldn’t have done treason. What he would have commited was electoral fraud. Which carries a smaller sentence of  ten years in prison. The electoral fraud would have been because of the facebook and social media ads that the russian government posted to supposedly boost then candidate Donald Trump.

  The investigation dragged on for two years as it was an investigation into the president’s history up until 2018. Everything was looked into- his bank records his phone history, everything.

  The investigation was seeming to be a huge win for the democrats with Nancy Pelosi stating, “We must wait to see the entire picture and then engage the American people about how we go forward as a nation.”

  Pelosi said this back in December of 2018 before Mueller released his report. Pelosi thought that as soon as all the facts came out it was going to be easy to get President Trump on something for impeachment, impeachment is the process of removing a president based on crimes he/she committed while in office.

  Other democrats thought the report was going to prove the president’s guilt with Representative Pramila Jayapal saying, “It becomes harder and harder to make the case that this president hasn’t committed impeachable offenses. But we need to wait until the american people have all the facts.”

  Well all those facts helped the president’s case rather than proving his guilt. Mueller released his report and it proved that there “wasn’t enough evidence to call for an impeachment trial.” The report was has huge backfire to the democrats. Their whole idea of impeaching the president was riding off the fact that this report was going to bring up some hard to refute evidence.

  Most of the president’s supporters however, loved the report as it proved the president’s innocence. The report outlined how there was some minor things which were sketchy, but there was nothing major that could be brought in front of a grand jury in court.

  In response to the report, the president stated, “The investigation conducted by Robert Mueller and led by the democratic party was an illegal takedown that failed dramatically.” The president continued, “It was just announced there was no collusion with Russia, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. There was no obstruction, and it was complete and total exoneration.”

  The democrats seem to differ with the president as they continue their desire to impeach the president on the basis that it did not totally exonerate him, just cleared his name a tiny bit. Since was no proven collusion with Russia, the main alleged blackmail the democrats have had against the president has been removed.

  To divert the media attention away from the democratic party’s blunder which was the Mueller report, well-known attorney Michael Avenatti was arrested on the grounds of extortion, or forcing someone to pay money for legal protection. He was Nike’s primary attorney. He extorted some counterfeiters out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was running in the 2020 election until these charges were placed against him.

  The whole situation with avenati has turned into a joke for the republican party with Donald Trump Jr. saying, “In the matter of a day he went from Avenati 2020 to Avenati 20-26 years!”

The joke was in reference to avenati’s sentence for his crimes.

  The media coverage then turned off of Mueller and onto Avenatti. Many politicians were appalled at the report, democrats are now denouncing the report and calling it fake. This shows the apparent hypocrisy of the democratic party that president Trump mentioned back in his State of the union address in january.

  Lakeview students had their own opinions on the subject.

  Sophomore Sam Lucido stated, “It’s not that I think the report is fake, which its not, it’s that I think that since we only have the summary not the whole thing.” Lucido continued, “The summary could be bent one way or another, left or right.”

  This is important because the summary doesn’t tell the full story, but it still tells most of it. As for the basis of the summary “bending” one way or another this is generally false as the summary was written in a objective manner, not clouded with political standings.

  When it came to the alleged collusion with Russia Lucido said,”Although the report found no evidence of collusion with Russia, the american government knows it interfered with our election, therefore we should still be weary about the president’s involvement.”

  Overall the summary proved to be a crushing blow to the democratic party, which put all their faith into the report to get evidence to impeach the president. The president seems to be clean of most charges when it came to the collusion with Russia. The full report still has to come out, which may yield some previously unknown details.