How Huskies have overcome their obstacles


Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

  With the SAT’s passing, many students have felt huge amounts of stress lifted off their chests. The SAT is one of the most important tests any high schooler will take throughout their high school experience.

   With all of this added stress, students can tend to stress eat or even lose their appetite, while others get little to no sleep from the endless hours of studying and preparation. After all of this struggle, students finished the week feeling accomplished.

  Aside from the SAT, students and teachers face difficulties everyday. Many people have to deal with things that happen in life and learn how to overcome them.

  Senior, Julia Martin always has a smile on her face, and one would never expect her to have gone through any sort of traumatic experience. However, junior year, Martin broke her foot and was injured for about three months. She is very passionate about running, but this injury caused her to have to stop running for a while. To recover, she did a lot of physical therapy, and she trained all summer to make sure she was back to normal.

  Martin expressed, “With my injury, I had to stay really positive and always look on the bright side. Motivation was key to my recovery, and I had to stay on top of my game.”

  French teacher, Natalie Bowen, has also had to overcome big events in her life. One of the biggest things she has had to overcome was being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in second grade. She had to adjust her diet, count how many grams of sugar she was taking in, and she had to take shots.

  Bowen mentioned, “To overcome this I educated myself by talking to dieticians, and I became vigilant about what I was eating. I had to stay responsible and keep myself very healthy.”

  Throughout high school, Sarah Yuells, ‘19, has had to deal with a lot of social anxiety. She has grown through the years and learned that opening herself up to people is not the worst thing in the world.

  “I have always been a pretty antisocial person. I keep myself secluded and I have never been the type to step outside of my comfort zone. This year, I have expanded my friend group and have become a little more social,” stated Yuells.

  Everyone goes through stressful experiences at some point in life. When one goes through it, it can feel like the end of the world. Students need to keep a positive attitude when struck with a situation, instead of avoiding it. Just because something might seem bad, a person can feel invincible once it is overcome.