Lakeview Marching Band continues Disney trip tradition

Lakeview Marching Band continues Disney trip tradition

Jennifer Ackerman, Staff Writer

 Marching band members had the opportunity to experience a trip together and develop their musical skills.  Every other year, Lakeview’s marching band takes a trip to Disney World to play their instruments in a different setting.  This yea,r they visited all four Disney parks, as well as Universal Studios.

  The purpose of the trip is simply to have fun, participate in band workshops, and march in Disney’s parade. Band director Jodi Thompson is very enthusiastic about the trip because she enjoys Disney World.

 “Thompson loves it. She really likes roller coasters. She likes the adrenaline,” said sophomore Kennedi Gaston, who attended the trip.

  The band left by bus on the morning of March 30 and arrived in Florida the next morning.  They headed home on the evening of April 5.

  Any marching band member can attend as there are no auditions or applications required.

  Students eagerly await this trip and fundraise for it by selling candy throughout the year.  Senior Sydney Hicks revealed that she spent five years raising money for it.

  “My favorite part was getting to know people that I had spent the past five years with in a different way,” she stated.

  The trips included activities to get valuable experience with marching band.

  Gaston explained, “We do a music workshop there and we work with professionals who work for Disney and we also march in the parade at Magic Kingdom.”

  Despite marching in the Florida heat in marching band uniforms, the students enjoyed having the chance to march in the parade. They played music that they had been practicing since early March, having rehearsals in the parking lot after school. Their efforts were rewarded by success in the parade.

“It was cool seeing thousands of people watching us and taking pictures of us,” senior Alyssa Boughner described.

  Hicks admitted she was not too nervous about being in the parade and recalled being thrilled by performing for such a large crowd.

  When not playing music, the band embraced the chance to get to know each other more and spend time together.

  When asked about the best part of the trip, Gaston replied, “I liked the music workshop, but mostly I liked spending so much time with all of my friends in a place I’ve never been before.”

  Boughner said she most enjoyed visiting Universal Studios and the Harry Potter park.

  Both Boughner and Hicks did not attend the trip as sophomores. They used visiting Disney as a great way to celebrate their senior year.

  Gaston confirmed that she definitely wants to attend again as a senior, “…especially since a lot of my friends who are also sophomores couldn’t go this year, so I want to go with them senior year.”

  The trip proved to be a valuable tradition that will continue to be embraced.