Tropical Smoothie and Smoothie King fight for the best smoothie place in SCS


Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

  Tropical Smoothie and Smoothie King have both recently opened smoothie stores in St Clair Shores. Now, with two smoothie sources in St Clair Shores, which will bring in the most people?

  Tropical Smoothie Cafe opened a little bit over 2 years ago and has become very popular. Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s menu boasts bold, flavorful smoothies with a healthy appeal, all made-to-order with quality ingredients.

  Lauren Mispelon, ‘21 said, “I like Tropical Smoothie better because it’s cheaper. You get the same amount, and it tastes better.”

  Tropical Smoothie has two size smoothies, a kid’s smoothie and a regular 24 ounce smoothie. The prices vary depending on which smoothie you buy and if you add anything to that smoothie.

  Kayla Austin, ‘21 said, “I like Tropical Smoothie better because it’s cheaper for the same amount of smoothie, and I think the smoothie I get tastes better.”

  Smoothie King, on the other hand, just opened up on 11 mile and Harper. It’s the first in Michigan, and people have mixed reviews. Their mission statement is to ‘blend a nutritious smoothie- one without artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, or any of the ingredients on their “No No List’. Smoothie King’s smoothies can be purchased in three sizes, 20 ounce, 32 ounce, and 40 ounce.

  Kyle Butcher, ‘20 said, “I like Smoothie King better because you can choose a size, there is more in their smoothies, and they just taste better than Tropical Smoothies.”

  Kaylynne Walsh, ‘21 said, “ Smoothie King is better because they have three different sizes of smoothies, while Trop only has one. Also, their smoothies contain more stuff, so I feel I get more for my money.”

  Saint Clair Shores is lucky enough to have both smoothie places, but everybody has an opinion. It seems that it’s half and half.