Spring break without breaking your bank

Erica Beckstrom, Staff Writer

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  One of the hardest components in planning a spring break trip is money. Inexpensive trips can be less fun, whereas not everyone can afford pricy, elaborate trips. The purpose of spring break, however, is to relax and prepare for the final push before school is over. Although most people are realistic when it comes to actually planning a trip, many still have a dream vacation that lingers in the back of their mind. With an unlimited budget, where would people venture off to?

  Junior, Liliana Webb, prefers to explore the States during her vacation.

  “My ultimate spring break vacation would be to go to Maine. It is a beautiful state, and it is still within the United States which is good because I don’t like flying.” For Lily, peace and solitude are the key points to an enjoyable getaway.

  “I would go by myself to enjoy the solitude, and I would camp somewhere along the shoreline.”

The hardest part about any vacation, for most people, is the cost of the trip itself, gas, and food.

 Unlike Webb, math teacher, Sue Culver, finds herself wanting to go across the Atlantic for her trip.

  “I would love to visit Europe! So far, I have only been to Spain. I would love to hike along the coastline and see all the historical and famous destinations.”

  Enjoying what the world has to offer and being with loved ones is Culver’s main focus and favorite part of traveling.

  “I would take my two best friends, Jill and Stacey, whom I have known since fourth grade. We go on a trip every year.”

  For Culver, enjoying the people she is with is the most important factor in any small or big trip.

Lastly, junior, Samantha Beshke‘s idea of a dream vacation is someplace warm.

  “I would love to go to Aruba with my friends.” Unlike Webb and Culver, Beshkey prefers the more tropical destinations. “Scuba diving, going on hikes, and walking along the beach would be the main activities, along with soaking up the sun.”

  Like many others, the hardest part of traveling for Beshke is budgeting and planning such a big vacation.

  It is clear that everyone has a dream vacation in their mind, whether it is somewhere cool and rocky or warm and sandy. As long as people plan and save, most ultimate dream vacations can be achieved one way or another.

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