Going Bald: a tale of two sides


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Half head of a bald man looking up on white background

Sam Sudney, Staff Writer

  Genetics are something we don’t really have control over – what we get is what we get. Things like eye color, freckles, skin tone are all product of the gene pool. Obviously, not everything we get may be in our favor. Hair loss, for example, can be viewed as something that is dreaded, but the real question is; is it really something to be concerned about? It’s apparent that some of our favorite Lakeview teachers don’t have any hair on top their head. I dove in to find out all we could know about experiencing a somewhat unknown part of life, that some students may have to face in the future.

  “I didn’t have much of an issue with it…I didn’t really like my hair in the first place, because instead of growing normal it kind of just continued to stack up…comparative to a young John Travolta look.” expressed Nick Spano, Lakeview Teacher.

  In contrast, Matthew Barranca, Lakeview Teacher, struggled with this change, and it took him quite a while to eventually cope with this new aspect of life.

  “I started losing hair at around 17 and a half…it bothered me so much to a point where I went and had consultations for hair restoration, I also dabbled in hats, wigs, etc,” Barranca shared.

  Not every person that’s going bald actually decides to do away with the rest of their hair, so why did these teaches decided to go bald?

  “I let it grow out from what was left, but I just eventually came to odds and just started cleaning my head up.” said Barranca.

  Spano never seemed to have much of a struggle with losing hair anyways, so getting that clean look up top was never an issue for him. With all this talk of losing hair, and shaving off what’s left, it truly begs the question of how they get that clean look on the dome. These teachers ran through an array of products ranging from dollar shave club to a product by the name of Bald Eagle.

  “I’ve used quite a few products in my day, but recently I’ve been using Headblade…it just works well for me.” explained Spano.

  “I usually just use a razor, but I invested in this kickstarter product…due to the nature of how it’s supposed to be used, I’ve been a little scared to actually try it.” added Barranca.

  These two teachers are just a glimpse of millions of  people that go through hair loss in their life, some stories being good – others being bad. The point of all this, is to accept you for who you are, Barranca put it best.

  “Like a lot of teenagers I went through a period of asking, but now it’s just who I am and I don’t think anything of it…I also save money on haircuts.”