Wayne State dual enrollment class takes a field trip to Downtown Detroit

Wayne State dual enrollment class takes a field trip to Downtown Detroit

Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  On March 25, the Global Studies Wayne State dual enrollment classes visited Wayne State University. The students met with a Hindu speaker and a Spanish professor, listened to Native American guest speakers, and had lunch in the schools cafeteria. The purpose of going on this trip was for students to connect back to the cultures they are discussing in class.

  The trip took an entire school day

  “My favorite part of the field trip was listening to the Hindu speaker. The speaker connected his speech with Hinduism yoga. This was very interesting to me, because I always thought yoga was a exercise when actually it is just meditating,” expressed Meredith Chesney, ‘19.

  The Lakeview dual enrollment class had the opportunity to sit in a actual Wayne State classroom, along with the Global Studies class that takes place on campus. The students listened to a Spanish professor discuss Puerto Rican Poetry.

  “It was way different sitting in a classroom at the University, than having our class just at the Wheat building. This field trip definitely made me more excited for college, since I will be attending there,” said Chesney.

  Students then walked along the Detroit riverfront, to see The Ambassador Bridge where they furthered their education on trade by listening to examples on how trade was used on the bridge.

  “It was cool to be able to connect what we are learning about in class to things that we see all the time. The bridge downtown is something everyone sees if they reach the riverfront. It was interesting to know how trade could actually work on that border,” explained Jillian Langlois, ‘19.  

  This field trip gave students lots of opportunities to experience things that they have talked about in class. It allowed them to connect the objections back to their studies to get a better understanding on the topic.