Lakeview varsity softball recruits a variety of players this season


Fiona Smigiel, Staff Writer

  Lakeview’s JV and varsity tryouts were on Mar. 11-14. There was a big turnout, averaging to about thirty girls. The varsity softball team, coached by Steven Corbett, Mike Seccombe, and Mike DelaCruz, had a great deal of talent to choose from, including six freshman who made the team.

  “I was very excited and I couldn’t wait for the season. I was also very proud of myself for making it as a freshman,” said Alexa Garofalo, ‘22.

  Garofalo is just one of six of the freshmen talents included on the 2019 roster for the Huskies. These young athletes have a lot of talent and potential to grow within Lakeview’s varsity program, utilizing the support from many upperclassmen.  

  “The upperclassmen help me out when I’m struggling with something. When I am doing a drill and make a catch, they always cheer me on,” Garofalo said.

  Not only does the team hold six freshman, but they also hold three sophomores.

  “I can say I love travel softball, but at the same time, playing for Lakeview is such a great time. I feel like the bonds we all have are good because we see each other everyday,” said Ally Prasnjak, ‘21.

  Prasnjak had the opportunity to play varsity as a freshman, as well as during her sophomore year. She now stands as a pitcher.

  Lakeview holds only one junior, Samantha Wietecha.

  “It is a tiny bit stressful given that I have to plan and do senior night this year, along with the SAT added to it. I enjoy it because it makes me feel accomplished and keeps pushing me to be the best I can be,” said Wietecha, ‘20.

  Along with the rest of the team, Lakeview will have to say goodbye to three seniors this year, including Savannah DelaCruz, Casey Lee, and Fiona Smigiel.

  “I’ve had an amazing time over the past four years,” said Casey Lee, ‘19, “and my favorite memory of playing with the Lakeview softball team is not a moment on the field. It was at a weekend tournament at Anchor Bay when our bus broke down. All of the players had to get off the bus and push it! Definitely a memory I won’t forget.”