Lakeview Throwing Team “throws” their way to the top

Lakeview Throwing Team “throws” their way to the top

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

  This 2019 track season has been very promising for every athlete, but especially the throwing team.

  This season, the throwing team was missing a coach for  two and half weeks because of their coach having to leave and stay in California for personal reasons. As a result, senior Liam Smith and Junior and Brian Hannan took charge of their team and stepped up to the plate.

  Smith stated, “This team has been very open to me and Brian with our help and feedback. Missing a coach can be challenging at times, but we all learned how to work together.”

  Some of the workouts the team does are lifting heavy medicine balls and core workouts like bench presses, deadlifts, and squats.

  Smith elaborated, “One of the hardest workouts we do are the heavy weight low- reps, which is when we lift our maxes for one to three reps.”

  Other team members, like Freshman Zaria Pitts and Junior Randal Veterre, enjoy how much fun they have together.

  Pitts stated, “Not having a coach for two weeks was sometimes nice, but it was also a little challenging at times. It was nice to be able to listen to my peers for advice on how to become a better thrower.”

  Many of the throwing team members think that any of the field events for track are not respected enough in the track and field community.

  Veterre stated, “Us throwers put in so much effort and hard work into becoming stronger, but we never get the recognition we deserve.”

  These athletes deserve more applause for putting so much time and effort into becoming stronger and better athletes.