Hedge Takes Disney

Hedge Takes Disney

Kyle Hedge, Staff Writer

  Built in 1965, Disney World has become the most traveled to place around the world. It was made due to the success of Disneyland created by Walt Disney. It is a joyful place for kids to go when they are off school. It gives young girls a chance to become princes, and little boys a chance to become Jedis at the new Star Wars Land. From Cinderella’s Castle inside Magic Kingdom to travelling around the world inside Epcot to becoming a star inside Hollywood Studios and visiting animals inside Animal Kingdom, it is one big adventure.

  When the Magic Kingdom was built, secret tunnels were made so that the actors portraying these Disney characters can get around the park without mixing the themes. For instance, Walt Disney, Creator of Disney, was bothered by the sight of a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland trying to get to his post in Frontierland. The Magic Kingdom is larger than Disneyland with span of 107 acres. Herb Ryman, a Disney artist, designed Cinderella Castle after being inspired by Europe’s most stunning castles.

  Epcot gives everybody the chance to travel the world without leaving the country or even the park. As one enters the park, one will see a large white sphere called Spaceship Earth. The rides takes you through the ages of technology from the stone age to the future. As one travels throughout the park, one could visit Canada, the United Kingdom, The US, France, etc. One could even buy a passport inside one of the stores and get it stamped as one travels throughout Epcot. It is one big around the world trip in one place, literally!

  Inside the Hollywood themed park, people can walk through and see what Hollywood looks like. One big attraction is “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!” where one can see the amazing stunts used for the movie, “Raiders of The Lost Ark”. It is fun to visit the Tower of Terror, become a toy at Andy’s backyard, and even fight Darth Vader. It is a wonderful place to go to feel like a part of Hollywood.

  Visitors can also visit Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is a zoology themed park where you can see a variety of animals. For example, you can see crocodiles, hyenas, apes, etc. It holds the home of the tallest building at Disney World, Expedition Everest, at 199 ft. It is nice, as one waits in line, one will see a museum full of artifacts based on the theme of each ride.

  Disney World is a big adventure with many visitors over the holidays. Disney World contains 25 Hotels in all, so they pretty much have a lot of room for visitors to stay at. When it first opened in 1971, it reached the total of 400,000 visitors. Disney World is an amazing place to go for all ages to have fun and expand our imagination.