Cheney’s personality explained

Kinasha Kendrick, Staff Writer

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   Dan Cheney is a business education teacher at Lakeview High School. He has been a teacher for 17 years and coaches track as well,  which he has been doing for 15. He subbed and taught drivers ed before coming to Lakeview. Right after attending college at Central Michigan, he was hired immediately.

  Many students and teachers have noticed that he is way more quiet and intimidating than any other teachers. Students have been claiming that he’s way more social and loud during track than he is in any of his classes.

   Students of Cheney have nothing but good things to say about him and expressed their liking for him.

  “Cheney is really chill. He is quiet. But when you get to know him, he’s really cool and a good teacher. I’ve known him for four years now, and he’s always been the same,” said Tamyra Faulkner, ‘19.

  Members of the track team believe that Cheney is more lively during track practices and meets, but still think he’s really calming.

  “I think he enjoys track more than teaching sometimes. He’s never yelling and isn’t the type to aggressively discipline his students. He’s always been cool and calm; I enjoy that about him,” claimed N’dia Mcgee, ‘20.

  Students who’ve never had Cheney before may find him intimidating because he doesn’t smile much.

  “I hear good things about him, but he seems scary. I want to have him as a student, so I can actually know what he’s like,” explained Joya Mcghee-Henry, ‘20.

  Cheney, considering himself laid-back,  doesn’t seem to think that he’s quiet and even makes jokes at the fact that some think that he’s an intimidating individual.

  “There’s 140 members on the track team, I have to be loud. Track can be very stressful having that many kids you need to worry about.” He concluded,” I don’t think I’m intimidating, it’s probably the bald-head,” expressed Cheney.

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