Girls basketball team wins first regional title



The ball swishes through the hoop in an NBA basketball game between the Houston Rockets and the Denver Nuggets Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013, in Houston. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan) ORG XMIT: HTR10

Kyle Cichowski, Staff Writer

  On Wednesday, Mar. 13, the Lakeview Varsity Girls basketball team won their very first regional title. The Huskies went into their regional game with a record of 18-5.

  Sophomore Ariana Wlodeck, ‘21 said there was definitely more motivation to play harder.

  “There was definitely more excitement and a willingness to play because we weren’t supposed to win”, Wlodeck said.

  The Huskies showed great effort throughout the entirety of the game, by maintaining a handful of multiple-possession leads and stunning on court defense. The main mindset of the team was to just focus up and give it your all.

  Junior Joslyn Brennan, ‘20, said “I just wanted to win. I wanted to beat the other team.”

  Wlodeck said, “We all had the mindset of just playing hard no matter the outcome.”

   The Huskies were ready to give it all they had left to win this thing.

  “We just wanted to play hard the whole game and not give up.”, Wlodeck added.

  This game clearly meant a lot to the team, as they are the first to have made it this far and succeed. The girls were very excited about how much their hard work had paid off for them. Additionally, senior players on the team now have a legacy to look back on.

  “It feels good, especially for the seniors. They ended really well, and I’m happy to be part of this team,” Wlodeck said.

  Wlodeck made important, game-impacting shots which strongly affected the outcome of the game.

  “I didn’t really pay attention to the shots until after the game. I didn’t realize how important they were, but I’m glad I was open and got to shoot,” Wlodeck said.

  It’s also noted that Brennan recorded a triple-double.

  In the end, the girls had a great game and a strong will, which advanced them to the quarterfinals of the state playoffs.