Duncan and Ishmon moving forward in football

Duncan and Ishmon moving forward in football

Anthony Smith, Staff Writer


  During the months February and March of 2019, seniors Delorean Ishmon and Damond Duncan signed their football scholarships to play the for their committed colleges. Both events were held after school in Lakeview varsity football coach Patrick Threet’s room.

  Duncan signed on to play football as a Warrior at Wayne State University, located in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

  Delorean Ishmon then signed to become a Timberwolf at Northwood University, located in Midland, Michigan.

  There were many upsides in choosing Northwood, according to Ishmon.

  Ishmon stated, “What made me choose Northwood was that they’re offering a chance to continue to play football, and also they gave me scholarship and academic money for my college tuition to go there, so basically it was a full ride. And it was also a business school, and I wanted to go into business, so it was everything I needed in one.”

  Duncan is looking forward to being on the campus of Wayne State University.

“What made me choose Wayne was the coaching staff and atmosphere of the team. Also, having not to pay for anything and getting extra scholarships to go there was a reason I picked them too. It was kind of a hard decision picking but I looked at everything from academic standpoint and a football standpoint as well. So finally, I came to a conclusion.”