Army men are marching through the Lakeview halls


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

  This year, Seniors Michael Franklin and Liam Smith have both joined the military and both  are currently serving in the Army.

  Smith explained how he has always wanted to be an “Army Man” ever since he was little.

  Smith stated, “ My main reason for joining the Army was because everyone said that I couldn’t do it, and I wanted to prove them all wrong.”

  Franklin stated that the main reason he joined the military was the fact that he could choose his job before he did completed basic training.

  Franklin stated, “I’ve always been the type of person that wants to know everything before I go somewhere. Being able to pick my own job before my ship-off date was very satisfying.”

  Smith looking forward to being to travel across the world while being enlisted in the Army.

  Smith stated, “I’m most looking forward to visiting different countries across the world and being able to see all the different cultures that are across the globe. Meeting new people just comes along with it.”

  Franklin is mostly looking forward to all the benefits and the satisfaction of serving his country.

  Franklin stated, “The satisfaction that I’ll be able to receive for serving my country is amazing to me, and having a military discount at places will be nice too.”

  Smith further explained some of the things he has already endured, like his 10 and a half week long combat training.

  Smith stated, “Those ten and a half weeks were some of the most fun but scariest weeks of my life. I had to crawl on the ground while machine gun bullets were being fired in the air above me, and since I’m a couple inches over six foot, I had to duck down while climbing over walls so my head didn’t get shot.”

  Franklin was able to be a part of a swearing-in ceremony during the halftime show at a Pistons game on November 5, 2018, was a great experience.

Franklin stated, “Even though I was previously sworn in before the game, it was an amazing experience to have all those people cheering me on for making the decision to serve my country.”

  These boys have dedicated their lives to serving our country and making our lives a better place every single day.